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Clown Car Craziness

The Paris terrorist attacks have patriots all over Amurka cowering under their beds, alternately blaming our preznit and pleading with him to launch another pointless invasion of the Middle East. To his credit, Michelle’s husband has thus far resisted those calls. I wonder if he’s also resisting the urge to stand in front of a world map and say “Paris is in France. I’m not preznit of France.”

The Republican primary has gone full-frontal reality teevee, pandering to the rabid rump of their party. It’s a race to see who can make the most outrageous comment or promise to do the most unconstitutional things to Muslims. (And of course, the guy with the reality teevee resume and zero experience or knowledge of government starts flirting with fascism and jumps ahead in the polls.)

Charles Pierce has posted some thoughts on Ted Cruz basically accusing the perznit of treason.

As to repeating Daesh’s arguments, well, there were seven Christians on that stage, all of whom believe that we are in a Clash Of Civilization with some tech-savvy hoodlums, and all of whom believe in the political salience of the return of the 12th Imam. And it’s not the president that’s turning a group of vicious thugs into the vanguard of a worldwide caliphate—which, by the way, is exactly the way they think of themselves. It’s you guys.

If you haven’t bookmarked his blog for daily reading, you are really missing out. The guy is bringing it, every day. 

On Friday night, every single candidate expressed the view that the Supreme Court’s role in constitutional questions is largely an advisory one. Mike Huckabee stated flatly that a president simply should ignore Supreme Court decisions with which the president disagrees. Naturally, because this was the hay-shaking Bible-banging crowd, the discussion took place within the context of the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of marriage equality earlier this year.

Despite the mainstreaming of what were once extreme right-wing views, I hold out hope that a “rational right” still exists, but I fear they are what we now refer to as Democrats. After decades of a deliberate dumbing-down of our politics via the right-wing noise machine, the ignorant-and-angry, hollering-at-the-world crowd may be all that is left of the Republican party. We may have reached Peak Wingnut… post-factual reality.



Masters Of The Universe

For this one, I thought about creating a blogging category called Things That Seem Glaringly Obvious Once They Have Been Pointed Out To Me, but that idea immediately began to snowball on me. My thoughts went from “great idea” to “I should probably make that the default category” to “Hell, that could be the name of the blog” to “That’s pretty much just life inside my head” in far less time than it takes to type the words. As I get older, it does sometimes seem as if everything needs to be pointed out to me.

Anyway, about a month ago I ran across a blogger worthy of a bookmark. I can’t remember whose link I followed to get there, but I found myself reading this post by Ian Welsh. Remember all the caterwauling from the right-wing noise-machine about how the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing monetary policy was going to cause runaway inflation? It didn’t happen, and I figured it was just another example of how full of shit the right has become. But maybe not:

One of the great “mysteries” of the last 7 years or so is why all the money from unconventional monetary policy hasn’t shown up as inflation.  Many analysts thought that printing that much money must surely increase prices, but inflation indices in most of the developed world are barely up, and in many cases are flirting with deflation.

The answer is obvious, but you’ll hardly see anyone point it out.

First, who was the money given to?

Rich people and corporations.

Ok then, what do rich people and corporations spend their money on?  Stocks, and real estate—high end real estate.

Well, of course. It makes perfect sense when someone spoon feeds it to me. I wanted to put more of Welsh’s post here, but it’s a pretty short post and I already nicked about a third of it with this blockquote. I don’t want to get the internet cops up in here, so go read it yourself. I’ll wait.

It only makes sense that since the 1% have consolidated all the wealth in this country, they should have to absorb the accompanying inflation as well. But why do I have this feeling they will find a way to make that trickle down to the rest of us?

Muy Estupido

It’s been reported that the official working motto of Michelle’s husband’s administration is “Don’t do stupid shit.” I’m pretty sure the twin train wrecks of dubya’s War on Terra and subsequent military adventures in Iraq provided the genesis for that motto. But that lesson in the consequences of getting your foreign war on seems to be wearing off.

Having spent the last five years carefully disentangling us from the absolute mess that is the middle east, our preznit now appears to have let the scaredy-cats in Congress and the media talk him into re-engaging militarily. With all due respect, sir, that is some stupid shit. As usual, Mr. Charles Pierce says it best:

The national blood is up again, and, because nobody learns anything ever any more, the hard-won skepticism that the United States can do anything about a part of the world where the inhabitants insist on slaughtering each other, except, of course, make everything even worse than it was before, is being abandoned almost by the day. We once again are hearing talk about arming the local “moderates,” as though anyone can truly still be moderate after you give them a couple of Stingers and an RPG launcher. We once again are hearing talk about coalition partners and multilateral governments in places where the basic idea of a coalition is getting everybody you hate together in order to hate someone else, and the basic idea of a multilateral government is a Cabinet composed of people who all are packing different sidearms.

In the speech he gave last week trying to soothe poor, frightened politicians and pundits, Michelle’s husband declared “We will degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL.”

No. We won’t.

ISIL is just one more in an endless line of sociopathic boy’s clubs that the Misery National Guard could exterminate in a week if they would stand and fight. But that’s not how it will go. We will blow a bunch of shit up and kill several hundred jihadis for every special forces guy we lose, and eventually we will scatter ISIL like the cockroaches they are. But we will have accomplished nothing. The remnants of ISIL will simply merge with the myriad other groups out there just like them, or create a few new ones, and continue wreaking havoc.

They don’t stand and fight because they have nothing to fight for, nothing to defend. The buildings and infrastructure we will destroy never belonged to ISIL anyway. They don’t care about things anyway. They are each, individually, locked in a dysfunctional relationship with their invisible cloud-daddy. They fight for their psychoses.

I don’t have a solution. Frankly, short of isolating the entire region and refusing to purchase the oil that funds the whole mess, I don’t think there is a solution. I do think our preznit should adapt a new motto for that area of the world. “Let it burn.”

Beautiful Morning

Having taken another in a long line of personal vows to blog more often, I sit down to the task of stringing together a few paragraphs suitable for upload to the mother ship. I loosen up with a little light surfing of the ‘toobz, and run into this post from Charlie Pierce which made me giggle.

They finally did it. They passed the Fantasy Island budget wherein they applied the white-out to everything that has happened since 2008, thereby forcing the Senate and the president to bow down to the mighty power of Eric Cantor. The president seems, well, unimpressed.

As the kids say, read the whole thing. That is some fine blogging. I would try to top it, but the new policy around here is to blog more about less. Or something.