Proof Of Life

Wow! I knew it had been a while since I posted, but I didn’t realize it had been over two months. I’ve got plenty of excuses — the holidays, Trump fatigue, Seasonal Affective Disorder, general laziness — each one as valid as the next.

I have temporarily escaped the winter doldrums of Misery for the salt mines of south Texas. I don’t much care for Texas. It’s boring, but at least it’s warmer. The temperature topped 80 degrees here in Corpus Christi today, so I went out looking for something to do. I found a pretty decent disc golf course and got a little exercise, and a lot of sand in my shoes.

That is the view from the first tee. Most of south Texas looks a lot like that, only with more scrub brush in between the mesquite and stunted live oak trees. The locals tell me the trees don’t grow very tall because of the constant wind off the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe so, but maybe the pervasive ennui I’ve been experiencing since I got here also affects the vegetation. There is a vague sense of hopelessness to the land here. It is completely flat, you can drive for hours and hours, hundreds of miles, and never see anything resembling a hill. You can see forever in every direction, and the tallest things you can see are telephone poles and oil refinery smokestacks.

After disc golfing, I went down to explore the gulf shore and beach area. I stumbled across the Texas State Aquarium, and since I had nothing better to do, I foolishly walked up to the ticket window and requested one adult admission without asking the price. I supposedly got a discount for being ex-military, and it still cost me $32.95 … Fuck!

I stomped inside the aquarium, and saw a bunch of fish and sharks and rays, and a few things I found interesting enough to take photos of. Like weird looking lobsters without claws.

And all kinds of cool jellyfish.

And for some reason they had a section of the aquarium with birds. Check out these crazy Texas chickens.

Visible just down the shore a bit from the aquarium, the WWII aircraft carrier USS Lexington is docked.

I considered taking a tour, but I was still suffering sticker shock from the aquarium admission fee, so I moved on to better things. A baker’s dozen better things.

I gotta say, those oysters and that mojito were the best part of my day…

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