Fin Elliptic

I chamfered some edges, did a bit of sanding, sprayed on a few coats of polyurethane, and just like that, this year’s white elephant gift exchange project is complete. Well ahead of schedule and under budget, too. Check it:

It came out okay. I like the looks of the sine wave on top, but it seems a little lost in an expanse of maple. Some additional green purfling inlaid around the edge of the lid would have been appropriate, I think. I have some more of that purfling, in both green and blue, so I bet some version of that sine wave finds its way onto future projects. Maybe the headstock of my next guitar. Here is another photo with the lid off.

I put some felt in the bottom so when whoever gets it dumps their loose diamonds in there it won’t make a lot of noise. On to the next.

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