Buckeye Blues

This month the Salt Handler’s Inspection Team has brought me to the mines of northern Ohio. I was going to ride the scoot up here, but I chickened out, so of course the weather has been perfect for all the motorcycling I am not doing. It is Fall here, the leaves are turning, and the countryside is beautiful.

Even the disc golf courses are pretty. Today I (twice) played a little nine-holer that runs alongside Cahoon Creek.

It’s tough to see in the photo, but I noticed that the creek seemed to empty into a large body of water a couple of hundred yards away, so I went to have a look. Here is what I found.

Cahoon Creek ends at a huge lake that I didn’t even know was there! It’s eerie. Get it? Erie… Is this thing on? That’s what is known in the blogging business as a real knee-slapper.

Here’s another shot looking ┬áto the east.

That’s Cleveland off in the distance. While I was fighting off old age by dragging my ass around the disc golf course, the Browns were over there trying to win their first football game of the season. Unsurprisingly, we were conducting simultaneous exercises in futility. The Browns are now 0-7 and I’m still an old fat fart.

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