Umm, Wow…

I knew my prognostication skills were limited, but it looks like all the professional pollsters got this one wrong too.

President Donald Trump.


I feel like I’m being punked. The election results caused stock markets all over the world to tumble. I’m afraid to even look at the beating my 401K just took. If the markets don’t bounce back from this, my future retirement just got pushed a few years further down the road. But losing money is nothing compared to all the other things we are probably going to lose.

I’m sure it will be interesting and entertaining to see how our new preznit explains away all the things he has promised that he can’t actually deliver. (I bet we will eventually hear him say something along the lines of “I never said I was going to build a wall.”) But there are some frightening things that he can make happen. Off the top of my head:

He has promised Obamacare would be the first thing on the chopping block. No reason to think he won’t keep that promise. So millions of people will soon be without health care.

Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives has for years been using his magical mathematics to justify destroying Social Security and Medicare, under the guise of “improving” them. I bet the bill is already written to do so. And you gotta know reality teevee preznit will sign it.

There is already an opening on the Supreme Court, and likely to be others during the next 4 years. We are about two god-botherers away from abortion and gay marriage and no telling what else becoming illegal.

Hunker down and hang on, Amurka. A lot of damage can be done in a very short time. This country may be unrecognizable in a few years.

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