Global Climate Change? Hmph

It was 16 years ago today that we closed on the estate here in suburban Misery. It’s not an anniversary I normally take notice of. All those house payments have mostly just passed by in a blur. I happened to notice today because something happened which had never occurred before.

It has been raining buckets ever since Christmas night, so much rain that I-70 has been closed due to flooding. That hasn’t happened even during our typically rainy spring seasons, let alone in December. Another first, we’ve had so much rain that the groundskeeper, Butch, has had to re-drain our long-closed pool because the water level has risen up into the skimmers.

I can’t imagine how bad this weather event would be, how much snow and/or ice we would have if our temperatures were down where they normally are for this time of year. And it’s not over yet. I ventured out to the post office a bit ago and heard on the radio that we can expect as much as 3 more inches of rain today. My next wood shop project may need to be a boat. The End Times are upon us…

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