Oh look! I have more crappy phone photos to share. I’ve completed my piece for the in-laws white elephant gift exchange.


You can’t see it, but I have added some brown felt to the bottoms of the storage compartments in the base box I posted a photo of the other day. I’ve also added a couple of magnets to hold in place the lid I fabricated from hard maple left over from making a guitar neck. Here it is fully assembled.


Just for style, I took a 1/8-inch drill bit and put 397 holes in a serpentine pattern on the lid. It came out pretty good. I like the contrast of the dark walnut and the blonde maple. I guess I have to get back to work on the PotatoCaster now.

2 thoughts on “Muggins

  1. That is something! I had no idea what it was in the earlier post. But I have seen these in a previous life, and this one is well thought out. The finish work is spectacular, 396 hole would have left you wondering what he had on his mind when he abandoned the project and 398 would have cheapened the entire project. Of course,,397 (thousands of people in background, nodding) perfect!

  2. I’m planning to make up a game involving the holes and the little metal pegs and the deck of cards. I’m thinking about calling the game “Cabbage.” What do you think?

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