I’ve been working hard on the Potatocaster body, lots of tedious filing and sanding to make my shoulders and back ache. I am this close to being ready to start spraying finish, but there is a problem. My plan was to stain the body black and then sand the wood back to blonde, leaving only the grain dark. It was a plan born of my experience working with open-grained woods like oak, but hard maple is not open-grained. In fact, my practice efforts on scrap wood revealed the grain in hard maple to be basically impervious to stain/dye. The lighter colored springwood between the grain (summerwood) did somewhat take the stain, but this produced a bizarre — and ugly — negative image of the effect I was going for. In short, my plan was rubbish. I will spare you the photo. You would just be embarrassed for me.

Once I fill that spray gun there is no turning back, so I definitely need to put the guitar aside and cogitate on it for a bit. Maybe seek guidance on the intertoobz, where all things are known. For now, I will work on my contribution to the in-laws white elephant Christmas gift exchange. I had a single, small piece of walnut left over from the office project, and from it I have fashioned this:


Once again, my lack of photography skills is revealed. It seems to be getting worse. Maybe it is time to wipe the sawdust off the fluorescent bulbs in the shop. Or replace them, even. The spray can said “Satin” on the label, but that looks pretty glossy to me, at least while wet. I may need to get help for this too. Sigh.

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