To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

The missuz and I are a couple of old hippies, and until a few months ago, we had spent most of the last 30 years sleeping in a waterbed. But my seemingly chronic back problems have put an end to that. We got a new bed. It is a Saatva. It wasn’t cheap, but holy crap has it changed my life.

I’m sleeping like I haven’t slept in years. For at least a decade, my 2AM piss call has meant the end of sleep for that night, but now I get back in bed and fall back asleep almost immediately. It’s truly amazing.

Three or four times a night, I’m waking up from extremely vivid dreams. I can never remember the dreams themselves, but I can remember saying to myself “Wow! That was weird.” I can even remember telling myself to try to remember the dream, but it just won’t happen. Nonetheless, the fact that I notice I’m dreaming now means I wasn’t dreaming before. It means I am cycling in and out of REM and NREM sleep like normal people do!

I’m waking each morning feeling rested and I have more energy throughout the day. (Mental energy, that is, I’m still old and lazy physically.) It may just be wishful thinking, but my mind seems sharper. In conversations, my vocabulary seems more readily available, and I find myself grasping for the word I want less often.

And I’m better looking now too. Gonna miss crawling into that warm waterbed on cold winter nights, though.


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