Deleting Stuff

Many times, in my travels around the intertoobz, when I am chasing whatever particular rabbit that has caught my eye, I run across items I think I might want to come back to later. As a result, I collect bookmarks like a crazy, old cat lady collects… uh… cats.

So periodically I spend a couple of hours going through all my bookmarks, opening a tab for each one and taking a quick look to decide whether to keep or delete it. (It’s a bit like cleaning up after a party, except there is no recycling to sort.) Most everything ends up in the bit bucket, sometimes because it’s dated or boring, other times because I have no idea how I found myself on some of these websites in the first place. This morning I found I had bookmarked three websites in a row where people — mostly women, it appears — tell their stories about escaping from the evangelical, homeschooling, Quiverfull life. (Sometimes it’s like cleaning up after a very sad party.)

I did find one bookmark worthy of a re-read before deletion; a January interview with Ralph Steadman, just after the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris. I don’t know much about cartoon art or cartoonists, but I know what I like. There is something truly strange and unique, almost schizophrenic, about Steadman’s work. His is, in fact, the only cartoonist’s work I could recognize on sight. I’ve been a fan since I first read Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas way back in the ’70s.

Steadman sounds like a very interesting man, someone I would enjoy sharing a pint with. As with most political cartoonists, he has a knack for drilling down to the core motivations of his targets. This observation really hits home:

In many ways, Steadman argues, “I think that terrorists and some political leaders share a similar mindset, in that they consider themselves to be believers. They are devoted to a cause and they’ll go to any lengths to uphold their chosen position. They are not completely stable, as the word is usually understood.”

“So you can see a kind of similarity between terrorist operations and the rationale that led to the excursions to Vietnam or Afghanistan?”

“I can, and a big part of it is that sense of pride. Once they start the war, or the mission, they feel they can’t stop. That would mean losing face.

Nail, meet hammer. This goes right to my biggest concern with our next preznit. Whether it be Hillary or whoever falls out of the current GOP clown car, there is a very good chance that their “sense of pride” will have us getting our war on in the Middle East again. I’m usually not one to go around quoting the bible (no, really), but their is a Proverb that seems appropriate here, something about pride going before destruction. Just saying…

One thought on “Deleting Stuff

  1. While I believe you’re correct that the next one will have us in some war, the potential for one of the tea party to get in there, keeps me up at night. We can’t “know” it would never happen, while Walker still has a job. Rand Paul should have been run out years ago,,,hell even Grandpa (John McCain) is still embarrassing us on a monthly basis, and he has run before.
    I have never really been a Hillary fan, but I’m not a hater either. But looking at the other side of the fence, I may be forced to carry signs and go door to door for her. Once again we will be voting against someone, rather than FOR someone.

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