Just Another Atheist Lament

There are only two stories above the fold on the front page of today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Most of that space is taken up by coverage of the mass murder at a magazine in Paris. It seems the whole world is outraged. The intertoobz are full of lofty rhetoric about freedom of speech and journalistic integrity, but for me, it’s tough to even work up the energy to comment on this latest atrocity. It is commonplace; it is our new normal. It is merely Islamic fundamentalists doing what Islamic fundamentalists do. It’s not going to stop. Ever.

Right next to the story about Muslims going medieval on a magazine is this article about a Catholic cardinal getting his hate on. It is an interesting juxtaposition. Two religions. One intolerant mindset.

We loves us some Cardinals here in Misery, but this guy, Raymond Burke, not so much. He was Archbishop in St. Louis for a few years back in the aughts, and established himself as quite the right-wing jackass even in that era of right-wing jackassery. I’m pretty sure most of the Catholics around here breathed a sigh of relief when the last Pope promoted him to Cardinal and called him to Rome. He doesn’t get along well with the new hippie Pope, Francis, and his mouth got him demoted a couple of months ago. Now, he’s bitter and blaming it all on the church becoming feminized.

Burke, the former St. Louis archbishop who was recently demoted from the Vatican’s highest court to a ceremonial philanthropic post, also pointed to the introduction of altar girls for why fewer men are joining the priesthood.
“Young boys don’t want to do things with girls. It’s just natural,” Burke said in an interview published on Monday.

Hmmm. I think I see the problem here, Ray. See, out here in the real world, young boys do want to do things with girls. That is natural. What is unnatural is a man spending a lifetime wearing a dress, but hating women. It isn’t just women that Burke thinks are ruining everything, though.

In the interview, Burke also blamed gay clergy for the church’s sexual abuse crisis, saying priests “who were feminized and confused about their own sexual identity” were the ones who molested children.
Researchers have disputed that claim, and experts note that the reported rise in the number of gay men entering the priesthood since the 1980s coincided with a sharp drop-off in abuse cases.

I don’t remember the misogyny so much from Burke’s time in St. Louis, but I do remember the gay-bashing. I suspect all this talk of “feminizing” the church may be his way of calling Pope Francis a fag. The last sentence of this story kills me.

Burke, a liturgical traditionalist as well as a doctrinal conservative who is renowned for wearing elaborate silk and lace vestments while celebrating Mass, also said that “men need to dress and act like men in a way that is respectful to themselves, to women and to children.”

Methinks the Cardinal doth protest too much. I guess I should just be thankful he doesn’t bust out a Kalashnikov and kill some bitches.

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