Office Update Number Eleventeen

Here’s the latest photo. So fresh it is practically live-action.


Hey look! My books are out of exile. They’ve been in boxes for 15-20 years. Over the weekend, the mistress or the estate took her OCD out for a spin, first alphabetizing by author, then rearranging based on some pretty complicated algorithms. Long story short, Louis L’Amour got his own shelf, as did Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time series. I can live with that.

I’m working on the drawers now. Got some nice stainless steel handles that I think are going to be — as the kids say — the bomb.

2 thoughts on “Office Update Number Eleventeen

    1. A few years out of college? Well they are still kids at least. The office far from timeless. It’s been taking up all my time for months…

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