Middle East Madness

A few days ago, the fundamentalist religious fanatics who are, this week, calling themselves the “Islamic State” beheaded an American journalist. Now, based on what the talking heads on my electric teevee machine are saying, it looks like the rest of American journalism has shat it’s collective pants in fear. One of theirs got killed, so now they all want to jump on John “WarBoner” McCain’s bandwagon of death.

They want Michelle’s husband to get busy dropping bombs. It doesn’t seem to matter where, or upon whom those bombs get dropped. This morning they are calling for air strikes in Syria against the Islamic State. I can’t help but notice these are the same people who, a few months ago, were calling for air strikes against Bashir Assad’s regime in support of these very same nut jobs they now want to bomb.

Here’s something else I can’t help noticing. The Islamic State declared their intention to form a caliphate, a nation based on a single religion, and set about doing so, basically by killing everyone who disagrees with them. The Washington DC elite is aghast and skirred, screeching that our preznit must do something about it.

But yesterday, about 500 miles to the southwest, Israel, a nation based on a single religion, dropped an entire 17-story apartment building because some of their enemies used to live there. The reaction from the DC village? A collective yawn and some mumbling about Israel having the right to defend itself. This is why we have no credibility in that area of the world.

It’s also why I doubt there will ever be a solution. All of our political and foreign policy decisions — just as with those of every other nation — are entirely too dependent upon which strain of the brain disease known as religion we carry.

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