Oh Em Gee, Iraq!

If the past five years have taught us nothing else, we have at least learned how much of a disaster we avoided in not electing John McCain preznit. This man has been pissing me off for decades, but lately he’s really trying to earn a spot on my list of people I’m going to kick in the nuts if I ever get the chance. I may have to create a “Fuck You, John McCain” tag for this blog.

McCain has spent the last two years pissing and moaning about his flagging war boner and Michelle’s husband’s refusal to arm the rebels in Syria. Our preznit stated — quite rightly — that there was no organized opposition force to the Assad government, that there was instead a loose coalition of tribal, ethnic, and religious groups. He further stated — again, rightly — that some of those groups in that loose coalition were pretty radical and dangerous themselves.

One of those groups, now calling themselves ISIL, but formerly known as al Qaeda in Iraq, got tired of throwing themselves into the meat grinder of the Russian-supplied Syrian army, and decided to look for easier pickings. They turned East, and quicker than John McCain can say yes to a booking on a Sunday news program, took over a big chunk of western and northern Iraq. Supposedly, some 800 fighters chased off around 30,000 Iraqi troops.

Not only did Iraq’s paper tiger army flee in the face of an attack from a far smaller force, they abandoned billions of dollars worth of US-provided military equipment in the process. So now, ironically, ISIL has the arms Senator McCain so badly wanted them to have; they are just in the wrong country. And not looking to go anywhere soon. Right now, they are busy setting up their Islamic paradise.

Predictably, according to John McCain (and his girlfriend, Senator Lindsey Graham), these events signify the end of the world and another 9/11 and ooga booga it’s all Michelle’s husband’s fault. The alarmist bullshit is not selling so well right now, though. This time of year, Americans don’t even pay attention unless gas prices jump. Besides, with the exception of Republicans in Congress, absolutely everyone else in this country, regardless of political persuasion, knows that after more than a decade of our military adventures in the Middle East, we didn’t accomplish a damned thing. Religious fanaticism is still the norm.

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