The Looking Glass

I wandered off into the weeds on the intertoobz again. Found a site called Viral Survival which bills itself as “The #1 Newsource for Preppers and Survivalists.” I kinda doubt that’s true, but hidden amongst all the NRA ads are some real nuggets of knowledge. In just the few pages I looked at, I learned the following:

9/11 was a false flag operation. The way the buildings fell “proves” they were taken down by controlled demolition. I’m not real clear on what all the hijacking of planes and flying them into the buildings was about. Maybe just for show.

Our government is secretly preparing for a financial collapse that will happen on April 11th. I’m not real clear on how Michelle’s husband could “schedule” an economic collapse, but I don’t have time to check into it. I need to go buy some gold.

Our government has also been constructing FEMA detainment camps to imprison all the anti-government Amurkins during a coming period of civil unrest. I’m not real clear on when this will happen, but rest assured it will be SOON.

There’s plenty more where those came from. As of this moment the first two articles are how-tos on building home-made thermite grenades and body armor. I’m bookmarking the site ’cause you can never find info like that when you need it.

Seriously though, a few months ago, I was pretty pissed off to learn the NSA is basically spying on all of us, gobbling up everything that happens on the internet and storing it. But every time I run across a website like this, I kinda hope somebody is keeping an eye on the guy.

And it usually is just one guy. Every article I looked at on Viral Survival was written by the same person. Much like here at the Abandon Mythology complex, it’s mostly just one guy sitting in a bunker, uploading his thoughts onto the intertoobz. That’s where the similarities end, though. Over there, it’s all god and guns, paranoia and anger. Here, it’s puppies and butterflies, with occasional descents into pessimism and ennui.

But… He is more prolific than I, and he has actual readers (some of them are kookier than he is) who make actual comments. Still, I know one of us is out to lunch. I hope it’s not me…

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