Neglecting The Blog Again

Just haven’t been feeling it lately. A combination of the busy-ness of real life and my untreated dysthymia, I guess. Things are looking up though. Recent events have led me to believe that this winter will, in fact, end.

I caught a few minutes each of a couple of the Sunday news shows this morning. The latest Republican talking point/outrage is all about how our preznit is looking weak by failing to get his war on over Russia’s adventures in Ukraine. I’m still waiting for some enterprising reporter to ask the question John Boehner always asks when the preznit wants do pretty much anything. “How you gonna pay for it?” But, then again, I probably don’t really want to hear the answer. I’m sure it would involve funding cuts to social programs and tax cuts for the “job creators.” Sigh.

On one of the shows, I got to hear Rick Santorum — the absolute smarmiest of the smarmy, right-wing assholes — contort logic reality to the point I swear I heard a squeaking, cracking sound. It went something like this:

1) Russia is doing bad things in Ukraine.

2) Europe uses a lot of Russian natural gas.

3) Michelle’s husband’s is at fault because he needs to approve construction of terminals to allow U.S. energy companies to export U.S. natural gas to Europe.

4) Profit

Step 4 is, of course, the same for any and all Republican arguments. It is their Prime Directive. Again, no one asked the obvious questions. “Mr. Santorum, wasn’t the whole point of the fracking boom — turning these companies loose all over the country to pump out the ground water, add various toxic chemicals to it, and pump it back into the earth thereby forcing out the natural gas, but poisoning the remaining ground water — wasn’t all that so we could achieve energy independence? So why would we now want to build export terminals?”

Won’t someone please tell this loser he is never going to be preznit, no matter how much he whines about it?  


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