Pricks Abound

Interesting stuff going on at the memorial for Nelson Mandela yesterday. The Amurkin right wing were already a little butthurt over all the praise being heaped on a man they despised, so it didn’t take much for them to start expressing their disapproval.

Our preznit took a selfie with the Danish and British Prime Ministers and Rush Limbaugh was deeply offended at the way “Obama and the media are trying to make Nelson Mandela’s memorial services about the U.S. president.” Says Rush:

“Remember, folks, he’s taking selfies,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Tuesday. “He’s thinking about himself. He’s looking at this old guy Raul, and he’s not thinking, ‘Hmm. Should I shake this guy’s hand or not? How’s it gonna look?’ He’s looking at it as, ‘Everybody wants to shake my hand. Everybody wants to be me. I’m the big dog here. They’re the ones that are gonna get all the accolades back in their homes, having met me.’ It is insulting, yeah, but I don’t think that.”

What. A. Dick. Sometimes I wish Michelle’s husband actually did have a little of that ghetto nigger attitude the racist right imagines they see him governing from. I would pay big money to see him show up at Limbaugh’s house, call his fat ass outside and pop him one right in the mouth.

Speaking of making it about yourself, Senator Ted Cruz flew to Africa to pay his respects to the Mandela family get up and walk out in a huff when Cuban dictator Raul Castro spoke. So. Only two US Republicans went to the memorial, and one of them only did it to show his ass?  I’m really beginning to hope this knucklehead runs for preznit. A solid year of the selfish, despicable, asshole-ish campaign he would run just might be the end of the teabaggers.

And speaking of Cuban dictator Raul Castro, OMG our preznit shook hands with him! Gramps McCain immediately shat his Depends in fear, and began babbling about Neville Chamberlain and Hitler. With Iraq over, and Afghanistan winding down, the only way McCain can get a boner is by fondling his enemies list. If Michelle’s husband normalizes relations with Iran and Cuba, it just might kill him.

2 thoughts on “Pricks Abound

  1. A couple of things. How can it be a selfie if others are in the picture? I agree it would be hilarious if Obama would punch Rush in the mouth. I would pay good money to see that.. It would be even funnier if the Pope were to do that after recently being attacked by Limbaugh. The Pope responded to Limbaugh’s Marxist accusation with the following… ” trickle down economics expresses a crude and naïve trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power”
    You can choose to agree or disagree with this Pope but at least he is fighting back!

    1. Not only is he fighting back, he appears to have actually read the damn bible and wants Catholics to live their lives according to the teachings of Jesus. He’s fighting an uphill battle and he may “die” in his sleep real soon, but as long as the right-wingers hate him, I like him just fine.

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