Favicon, Yo!

I just spent a couple of hours learning how to create and install a favicon for my site. What’s a favicon, you ask? It’s short for favorites icon. It’s that little icon you should now be seeing right before the “http:// etc.” in the URL bar at the top of whatever web browser you are using to view this site. Pretty cool, huh? Okay, maybe not that cool, but it’s there.

It’s a bit plain, but there is not a lot you can do with a 16 by 16 pixel square. I just cropped a little chunk from the cloudy sky photo I used for my header and added the letters. That pretty much exhausted my photoshop skills. Maybe I will try again sometime when I get bored.

The important thing is that it worked on my first try. I feel so smug right now. If this were kindergarten, I would surely get a star sticker and perhaps a cookie.

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